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Dream's wings

floating free from the mind

Keri's dream thoughts
29 September 1988
Hello, Keri here. Figured I might as well update my bio - it wasn't exactly the most mature of things, haha :'D

Name: Keri / Kat
Age: 21

Status: Taken by my wonderful boyfriend <3

Pets: One hamster called Fry (September 2009) and one cat called Pepper (March 2007)

Extras: I'm deaf, so I do sometimes struggle in real life. Hence why I prefer the internet, I can see what you "say" to me :) I'm fiercly loyal to my friends, however, if you make me angry, then I will become a total... hellion towards you. Sadly over the past few years I've had to cut people out of my life, but again, I had reasons to do so.

I'm a very arty person, I love to draw and work with different crafts - I've worked with Clay, felt, fur, and so on. My main medium is drawing, however.

I consider myself a very noobish fursuit maker, since I've made two sets of feet and three pairs of hands, four tails and two sets of ears. I'm not good enough nor confident enough to start a business, plus no one would buy them from me! haha.

I do commissions for people, with reasonable prices I think.


Get to know me before you judge me.